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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) take construction to a whole new level. Offering outstanding insulation properties, structural strength that is unmatched by conventional wood structures and speed of assembly that leaves standard framing looking like old news.



Thinking of building an Energy Efficient Home or Structure! Look no further...

Structural Insulated Panels, also called SIPs can be used for Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial building projects. They can be adapted to most design plans to help improve the strength and insulation value of the structure.
SIPs are high-performance building panels used for exterior walls, basement walls, floor systems and roof systems. These Panels replace conventional stick built walls. 

Each panel consists of a core made from expanded polystyrene foam insulation (EPS) with engineered oriented strand board (OSB) laminated to the top and bottom faces of the panel. This product merges the structural basics of stud construction, sheathing, and insulation into one single process producing a energy efficient, air tight home with a high R Value! 

  SIPs are a great partner for structures incorporating other popular building methods such as: ICF, Post and Beam, Timber frame, and Steel Frame Structure in their design.

Prairie Panels proudly manufactures panels right here in Saskatoon, your Saskatchewan based supplier and installer for SIP structures!!

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