Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

SIPs are high-performance building panels used for basement walls, exterior walls, floors and roof systems. Each panel consists of a core of molded expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) insulation with engineered oriented strand board (OSB) laminated to the top and bottom faces. This product merges the structural basics of stud construction, sheathing, and insulation into one single process. Continuous reinforcement by the high-density foam core gives SIPs superior axial load-bearing properties. Shear loads are more evenly distributed throughout surfaces, particularly with increased fastener frequency.

SIP House 
Panel Thickness
6 1/2" (16.5 cm)
8 1/4" (21.0 cm)
10 1/4" (26.0 cm)

Advantages and Benefits of Building With SIPs:

SIP ComponentsEnergy Efficiency – by far the biggest benefit of a SIPS structure. You will save up to 60% on heating and cooling costs – forever!
Design Flexibility - There are fewer restrictions to design and more choices to customize, from a simple cabin to a complex mansion.
Quieter and Healthier living environment – EPS insulation is an excellent sound barrier, and the naturally tight construction of a SIP shell will prevent dust and allergens from penetrating your home.
Interior Finishing made easy – No studs to find! The OSB surface provides a sturdy and continuous nail and screw base to which interior finishing materials can easily be attached. You will never have to look for a place to support a nail for pictures, curtains or cabinets ever again.
Green Product – SIPs are environmentally friendly, fewer trees are required to build your home.
Premium Resale Value – SIP built homes are two to three times stronger and more durable than stick-built homes.
Faster Construction – Framing, insulation and sheathing are combined into one panel. Reducing contractors and wait time
Minimal Jobsite Waste – There is a huge savings in waste at the jobsite, as packages come fully customized, meaning there is no on-site cutting and fabricating.
Easy to Wire – Pre-cut electrical chases are built into every panel so that the wiring of the outer walls can be easily done.
Fully Customized – With our systems, all openings are cut and framed at the factory. Panels are built to the engineer’s specs, taking the hassle and guesswork out of design and on-site quality control. Our panels are Code compliant and Canadian Manufactured.

One key attributes to SIPs is how they are delivered to the construction site. They come pre-fabricated and numbered by the manufacturer. Pre-installation of all splines, corner connections, header material, and blocking around doors and windows.
The U shaped ends of the SIP join together perfectly, guaranteeing a tight and energy efficient building. Panels are straight, walls are level, corners are plum and minimum bracing is required. The result is a building system that will reduce heating/cooling costs by up to 60%, provide a very strong, predictable and cost effective building structure.

Structural Insulated Panels are commonly used by builders and contractors to enclose a timber frame home or post and beam structure.  SIPs only make an already strong timber frame home stronger, more air tight, and straighter than other conventional wall construction.  SIP roofs provide the ideal cap to a timber frame or post and beam building while offering their advanced insulation performance of R-Values, in some cases exceeding R42.  SIPs are straightforward to use and ensure a faster lockup while providing a straight and true finishing surface.
These durable and lightweight panels can be manufactured in various sizes and thickness. Our panels range in size dependent on the project, the largest panel size is 8'x24'. Panels can also come with fiberglass on the interior skin for commercial or industrial use, or treated plywood on the exterior for basement applications.


 We Build Energy Smart Homes!  
SIP Home Saskatoon
SIP Home Saskatoonfall 2011 331

Prairie Panels was the first company to construct a SIP Home in Saskatoon. We are excited to work with you to design and construct your Energy Smart SIP Garage Package, Carriage House, or Home. Whether you are looking to have us do the complete project from start to finish, or only a partial build (completing the shell of the building to the lock-up stage) we are ready and willing to work with you! We build only with SIP manufactured with SIPSTECH Systems and Technology, and use only Canadian Manufactured Panels. We also do Commercial or Industrial Contracting and Structures.

A SIP home is clean and fresh. It is air-tight due to the method in which the structural insulated panels lock out the risk of molds and mildews growing behind walls and contaminating the indoor air. Outside air simply cannot get in. This ability to self-insulate translates into savings both for energy consumption as well as size of equipment needed to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.
Give us a call if a Energy Smart SIP Structure sounds like the right choice for your project!
Feel free to email us a copy of your blueprints and details regarding your future build and we would be happy to discuss and price a SIPs Package to meet your requirements.

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2x6 Conventional Walls 2View a Thermal Comparison between SIP walls and stick framed walls

To learn more about SIP Products visit the
Structurally Insulated Panel Association Website

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